Ryan Hurd Reveals 5 Post-Love Realizations in ‘Hold You Back’

Things have been looking promising for Ryan Hurd, who just released his latest single, “Hold You Back,” after inking a record deal with RCA Nashville. The ballad describes a situation where two lovers split, but they find themselves once again tangled up between the sheets after a few too many drinks the night prior. The lyrics to “Hold You Back” highlight five specific post-love realizations which are chillingly comparative to anyone struggling to move on from an ex-lover.

1. “Caught between what it means to start over and what happens over, and over again.” Basically, what Hurd is referring to here is a situation where one party ended the relationship. Now, they’re lonely and a bit unsure of their decision. Curiously, they pull out their phone, scroll to their exes name, and send a text. The two discuss what would have to be done to mend things, both knowing full well that after a few weeks, things will go back to where they left them anyway.

2. “I’m holding on to what we had, but I don’t want to hold you back” One lover is almost always more tied to the past relationship than the other. So much, that though their heart isn’t ready to give up, they simply want what’s best for the other, as is painfully described in this lyric.

3. “It’s not like we got back together, we’re just coming back to the thing we know” Once a relationship has gone awry, sometimes the only commonality between the two is found in what used to be lovemaking. This statement, at this point in the relationship, solidifies the understanding that what just happened will blatantly only be what it is – sex.

4. “Kiss you goodbye and finally mean it, it took until now for us both to believe it” Sometimes it takes a shot at rekindling an old flame to realize once and for all that it’s over. In this case, the female had entered into a new relationship but still succumbed to “one last night” with her ex. She woke up to messages from her new man and realized that’s where she wanted to be.

5. “Call me up if you ever want me, but until then I’m setting you free” – In the final thought of the single, Hurd echoes the idea of the familiar saying, “If you love someone, set them free,” which leaves hope for the future, but aims to end the present heartache. He then reiterates the chorus, “I don’t wanna hold you back” until it fades out.

Although “Hold You Back” is not a reflection of his current relationship with his girlfriend and rising country artist, Maren Morris, it is certainly something we can all learn a lesson in moving on from. Take a listen, and set yourself free.

Listen to “Hold You Back” below, or find Ryan Hurd on Spotify.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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