Ryan Sims Tells “My Side of The Story” With New Album

For independent artist Ryan Sims, an album is a way of sharing your story with the public in a vulnerable, hopeful, and healing way. Sharing feelings of betrayal, struggle, love, and heartbreak, Sims’ newly released album, My Side of The Story does just that.

The Cave Creek, Arizona native wrote and co-wrote every track on My Side of The Story revolving around his experiences in that time, and it’s a rollercoaster of relatable emotions for any listener. Ryan splits his time between LA and Nashville, which contributes to his unique, rough-up country sound which is prevalent on this album.

My Side of The Story was produced by Justin Gray (James Bay, Joss Stone, Mariah Carey) and it showcases a supergroup of musicians including former John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff; the Rolling Stones’ bassist Darryl Jones; Elton John’s keyboardist Kim Bullard and Lady Antebellum’s guitarist Jason “Slim” Gambill.

Track Listing

Get Away” This is my personal favorite track. Lyrically, it addresses the idea of simply getting away from your current situation to find some peace and clarity. It’s a country rock beat meddled with all of the fervor and hype that would excel on country radio.

American Things” The amped-up track kicks off lyrically with “Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dairy Queen” and continues to list off his favorite American things. The bridge slows it down and grabs attention before kicking it back into high gear to end the song.

Black and Blue” This one has a slow, traditional country music vibe with lyrics that describe heartbreak, “scars are the chapters of the foolish things I’ve done…but you left me black and blue.”

Tragedy” It’s a mid-tempo song that screams passion and pulls at the rock side of Sims more than any of the other tracks. It picks at the fairytales that tend to inspire love and the tragedy that ensues when you aren’t with the right person.

Red Head” A sweet love ballad about the “red-headed girl I’ve come to adore” that flaunts Sims’ raspy, confident vocals.

Before I Sell Myself” Here’s how it feels at the end of a rocky relationship, set to an upbeat melody with heavy guitar and enchanting drum beats.

Little Ms. Bad Decision” If you’re going to judge a song by its title, this one is exactly what it seems. The music suggests that it’s up to no good, and the lyrics follow suit. Despite being about bad decisions, the song itself is a good decision in terms of adding it to your playlist.

My Side of The Story is founded on perfect parts country music and southern rock. This is – very bluntly – a kickass album. I’d highly recommend it to those who are looking for new music with a country rock flair. You can give My Side of The Story a listen on Spotify, purchase it on iTunes, and be sure to keep up with Ryan Sims via his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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