Saints Eleven “Coming Back Around” – Video Review

Saints Eleven’s brand new music video (and first single) “Coming Back Around has been described as “a fantastic matrix-esq experience.” The song is “about making dumb decisions in life and learning from those mistakes. ‘Yes, I know I screwed up, but give me a minute, I’ll come back around.’”  The video, which recently premiered on, was directed by Van Scott Folger (Uncle Lucius’ video Keep The Wolves Away) Watch “Coming Back Around” here: 

The single is from their latest album (their third after I’ll Be Fine and I Told You) and was released earlier this year. The band’s frontman, Jeff Grossman, wanted fellow Texan singer/writer Walt Wilkins to produce the album. “I was drawn first to Jeff’s voice real and raw and wild, with a wide sky of emotion. Then, I started getting these songs-well-crafted stories about real folks in this real world, with all of its complexities and hard edges. His writing voice is unique, clear and strong, and the band played for keeps. I dig these guys. It was a real ass-kicking pleasure to make this album with Saints Eleven.” (Wilkins)

The end result, Saints Eleven music (Grossman, Jeff Mosley, Alex Shepherd) with Wilkins’ production skills, is an album trying to grasp the subtle and not-so-subtle reflections of a man who has lived life. Grossman says the band’s sound is Americana, “That’s the easiest thing. It’s all a melting pot.”

The band recently signed with Bobby Turner of Shifting Gears Entertainment.I grew up with Walt Wilkins, so knowing he believed enough in the band to produce their latest album was almost all I needed to know. I believe we were all on the same page after we met and really felt like we would work well together creating a true partnership in taking this to the next level. These guys have all the elements in place to hit the ground running, so it makes perfect sense for us to come together at this point in time.” (Turner)

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