Three Things I Love About Sam Hunt’s “Downtown’s Dead”

Sam Hunt has new music and as always, it was more than worth the wait. It’s been 15 months since “Body Like A Backroad” soared to number one for many, many weeks on country airplay charts. But if you’re expecting something like “Body Like A Backroad” well, then you won’t find it.

The thing about Sam is that no matter what songs he puts out, there always different. I think that’s why people go crazy when he announces a new song because you honestly have no idea what you’re going to get.

Here are three things I love about Sam Hunt’s “Downtown’s Dead.”

The Backbeat.

Seriously. This can’t get any better. You hear drums, but also some DJ mixes. I am a drummer myself, so I always appreciate a great beat. Great beats are never lacking in a Sam Hunt song and this one is no different, but I feel like each time he comes out with a song, the beat just gets better and better.

Less Talking.

Yes, Sam Hunt is known for his ‘talking’ segments, but this one is missing that. When he does a part without the beat, he sings the lyrics ever so subtly and never just talks. I really enjoy that Sam decided to go that route with the song. I enjoy his talking bits in some songs, but he’s grown as an artist and this shows it.


He is a wordsmith. I believe that’s why he is so popular across all genres. I hate to say he’s the male Taylor Swift, but when you think about it, he kind of is. He is played across all platforms, completely destroys the charts when he comes out with new music, and can completely rebrand himself and people will completely eat it up. For example, he deleted all of his Instagram photos to prepare for this release and yet people all over are still posting about his new single, radio stations are playing it every hour, I mean I could go on.

Some people really love to hate Sam for not being country enough, but I just can’t do that. He’s breaking barriers, writing incredible lyrics, and creating music that’s so different, that people can’t say it sounds like anything they’ve ever heard before.

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