Sam Hunt respects Taylor Swift’s musical evolution

Sam Hunt is no stranger to pushing the musical envelope when it comes to his own songs, so it really isn’t a surprise to find out he thinks Taylor Swift moving her music into the pop world is admirable.

“I can definitely relate to her progress,” he says. “She’s somebody who I’ve always had a whole lot of respect for. Even though I didn’t necessarily relate personally to her songs, always, I always had a huge respect for her songwriting.”

Despite Taylor’s massive success of her pop album, 1989, many feel she left country music hanging. Sam, however, thinks he understands her motivation.

She doesn’t want to make the same record over and over again, and there’s an evolution. You know, she’s influenced by other genres of music. As much as, I’m sure, she loves country music, I’m sure that if she has the ability, she wants to continue to write things that inspire her, and I feel the same way.

And while Sam doing his own music is relatively new and he only has one album to his name, he hopes his fans will see this similar tactic from him in the future.

You can see that, not with multiple albums, but you can see that on this specific album. Over the course of a nine month period, I felt the same way. You know, every time I’d write a song, I’d want to push it a little more with the next one. There are several songs you can see the progression with.

Mr. Hunt’s current single, “Take Your Time,” is currently climbing the charts like a race horse.

Author: Country Cadre

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