Sarah Dunn Band Figures It Out On New Single

In the summer of 2014 the Sarah Dunn Band came out with their first full-length CD. That album’s first single, “You or The Whiskey,” pairs Sarah Dunn’s carefree vocals with the music of new love.

In her early teens Sarah Dunn already knew what career path she wanted to take. However, there weren’t many places in her small Missouri hometown for her to perform. She formed a band with her mom and together they began the journey that Sarah Dunn continues today. Their video for “If I Never Love Again” (written by her mom) made it on GAC and the road to Nashville was being mapped out.

Sarah Dunn recalled her first road trip to Nashville with her mom:

“I came down to see what it was all about. We had saved up some money to make the trip. I remember coming down here late at night – about a nine-hour drive. When we came over the hill on the highway, seeing the Nashville skyline, I could feel the possibilities. I got choked up, and it was the most amazing moment. It has such energy, and whenever I feel like I am getting a little lost or that things aren’t going in the right direction, I come to Nashville, feel that energy and it renews me.”

Fast-forward to 2017, and the band’s new single, “Figure It Out,” written by Sarah Dunn, is the complete opposite of the carefree joy felt in “You Or The Whiskey.” One listen and you’re hooked as the song depicts the raw emotion felt when a relationship ends and you’re left standing alone at the edge of a steep icy cliff. It’s going to be so hard finding you again. It will happen, but so many doubts linger.

I guess I’ve seen all the signs
It was a straight out of Hollywood line
You said you needed some time to figure it out

So I don’t sleep anymore
Late night hours find me walking the floor
Trying to understand what all this is for
But I can’t figure it out, no

How could you move on so fast with your life
When I can’t even close my eyes at night
I just keep waiting for,
you to walk right through the door and tell me
You’ve figured it out
You’ve figured it out

Everything reminds me of you
That empty porch swing with a hell of a view
I tell my friends I’m OK, but it’s not true
They think we’re working it out

I burned that box beneath our bed
All the letters that I wrote but didn’t send
Where’s the line between break and bend
I can’t figure it out
Still can’t figure it out

Hell is just another word for uncertainty
And I’m nailed to the cross of your indifference
Couldn’t you at least have the decency
To say it’s over and give me my deliverance

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Sarah Dunn Figure It Out

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