Video Premiere: Seth Costner – Beer Pressure #CMchat Exclusive

Are you looking for a great summer party song to add to your playlist?  “Beer Pressure” by Seth Costner may be just what you’re looking for.  The first single from Costner’s EP, The Easy Part, “Beer Pressure” is an anthem for anyone who has experienced that pressure from their friends to go out for a night on the town, even when they didn’t want to.  Costner has just released the video for “Beer Pressure” and CMChat has the exclusive premiere.

Directed by Sean O’Halloran and filmed at Tin Roof, Costner’s favorite spot in Nashville, “Beer Pressure” is shot mostly in slow motion as you watch a typical night in a bar unfold. “The idea was to take you on a journey through a night where you’re dragged out reluctantly by some of your friends and you end up being the life of the party,” Costner explains.  “I think everyone has had a night like that at some point where you know you should, but you just can’t say no and in the end you’re glad you went out.”

Costner gathered his friends to help him shoot his first video.  “So many of my friends participated in helping make this video come to life, but Alex Hopkins really did an amazing job playing the main character.”  Hopkins’ character starts out the video stone cold sober and after many drinks ends the night with his shirt open, sunglasses on, dancing and singing on stage with Costner.  Many people will be able to relate to either having been that person or watching someone else have the time of their life, and possibly make a fool of them self, all with the help of alcohol.

There are five songs on The Easy Part EP and Costner says he chose “Beer Pressure” to be the first single because he wanted to show his humorous side. “To me it’s the fun, party song of the EP,” he said, “and I wanted to show people my personality with it. You can’t take yourself too serious…and there’s a lot of sarcasm and humor in this song!” Costner wrote all the songs on the EP and the idea for “Beer Pressure” came from observing different people in the crowd at his shows. “As a musician, I’ve ended up playing in a lot of bars and I’ve seen so many crazy, funny and unbelievable situations from the stage. I started writing about some of the things I’d seen and ‘Beer Pressure’ was the result of that.”

“Beer Pressure” is a fun, upbeat party song that gets you raising your glass and singing along, especially at the end when Costner breaks into his own rendition of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”  The song has a light-heartedness to it and the video stays true to the story and the spirit of the tune.  Watch the video and download “Beer Pressure” from iTunes and your summer playlist will be complete.  Cheers!



Author: Shannon Herrold

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