Who would slap Keith Urban?!

One thing this season of American Idol doesn’t lack is entertainment. On a recent episode of the reality singing show, viewers had the opportunity to see something that you don’t see everyday….Harry Connick Jr. getting slap happy with country singer Keith Urban. The audition was for contestant Samuel Prince, a native of Puerto Rico, who was really excited about meeting Jennifer Lopez, whom he called “the queen” of Puerto Rico. If that doesn’t set you up for a visual, then I don’t know what would.

After the constestant confessed his undying praise for Ms. Lopez, Prince, who revealed he was a soap opera actor, recruited her, Urban, and Connick Jr. to join him on the platform for a little mock episode of their very own soap opera..and they were going for authentic.

What resulted was a knee slapping funny display of acting between Prince and the three Idol judges, which ended up with Lopez mock slapping the contestant, and Harry Connick Jr. giving Keith his own slap that actually looked like it stemmed from from somewhere within. Maybe it was hair jealousy? Who knows. All in good fun I suppose!

Author: Country Cadre

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