Social Media Services FIRE SALE to benefit #SavingSissy

Don’t even know where to begin.

If you’ve been following me and CMchat or anything I do for any amount of time you know how important my Best Fur-end Sissy has been to my journey. She’s more than just a “pet” or companion animal, she’s my child. I’ve talked to many friends who have fur-babies and human ones, they all say that the feelings they have are just as intense, and come from the same place.

I feel gutted, angry, sad, disgusted and numb. Monday was an absolute debacle and I really didn’t sleep much Sunday night cause I was so worried about Sissy’s surgery to remove her Cancer tumor the following day. I thought she’d be spending a few days in Phoenix recovering after having a Thyroidectomy that would give her a good 3 years of life. But it turned out that even though this was scheduled for 2 weeks, we found out in the office after driving a few hours that they didn’t think it was best for her, or her chances for quality of life after surgery considering where tumor was, or quantity, less than 10 months. (Oh and they charged us $150 to learn that).

The tumor in her Thyroid has entangled itself around important veins and nerves so the risk would be to her quality of life, but if we leave it in, it starts to strangle and mangle her, then she faces all kinds of unknowns. For the record, it has grown twice as big as it was since I first went to VCA-Valley in Tucson to get an appointment back in early March, where they jacked us around for over a month and a half, having me think it was a dental issue. But I digress…that place is a whole other issue…and it makes me sad to say because I’ve also met some of the nicest people who work within the VCA machine, but I would never go there again.

Not trying to be Angry Cancer-Dog’s Momster…I just am angry because I did the right thing and went to see a Vet like you’re supposed to when you think something is wrong. I just don’t understand why it took so long. Sissy is my baby. My best friend…my shotgun rider for 11 years now. She means as much to me as anyone’s children could. I’ve spent 24 hours a day with her for over 7 years now since I decided to work from home and do this crazy Social Media so I could spend even more time with her. I’ve turned down lavish cruises, trips around the world, and fun getaways with friends because she’s always been more important to me. I can’t even really think of a world without her, even though I know in my mind one day I’ll have to face her mortality, but not when she’s running around looking healthy and happy. I just can’t see it being in the next couple months when there is a treatment that can get rid of it and give her more years. It’s called stereotactic radiosurgery. It’s pretty expensive. The estimate we got is $9,500. We’ve raised about $2,000, so I’d need to figure out a way to get $7,500 more. I’ve even thought about adopting her to someone who deserves her and could afford it so she can live the life she deserves, because I love her that much.
5/11 update: we’ve raised about $4500.
6/1 update we have just about $6500.

In the meantime, I am gonna fight like crazy to make that money in a couple weeks so I can afford the treatment. We met with Arizona Veterinary Oncology today and they feel very confident that she is an excellent candidate for this procedure. Once they get too sick it’s not an option. I’ve been researching stereotactic radiosurgery and it’s the best there is, PLUS this place in Phoenix is one of couple places in the world who does this type treatment. The cost for care is just blindsiding…I don’t know many people financially secure enough to come out of pocket with this kinda of money. We’ve had quite a few vet bills over the past few months and already maxed on CareCredit, credit and savings. Between the move, car issues, some personal medical and other stuff we have really just been surviving, and it’s crazy because business has been good.

So I came up with another way to help raise money. Selling my Social Media consultant services and some valuable social real estate I own at DISCOUNTED PRICES. You can buy now and claim when you need it! I normally package everything.  If you want, let me know and I’ll give you an amazing deal.
I posted ideas but am willing to consider anything you need.

Fire sale (inquire here)

ALSO if you donated already and want to take advantage of any services I’d HAPPILY do it ( I didn’t come up with the service sales until last weekend, and I am not the type of person to take something for nothing, in fact going on the internet and pretty much begging people to help us has been absolutely humbling but I would do ANYTHING for Sissy.

My sweet Billy set up a GoFundMe for us but if you are interested in my Social Media services let me know so I can invoice. A few people have said that they’d rather paypal since it doesn’t take a percentage and that’s what I use to invoice anyways. We set this up to donate too also:

Thanks everyone who have been here for us and praying for us. We’re hoping, praying and fighting for a miracle. 

Sponsor #CMchat 1 week = $500
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