Spotted: Taylor Swift Owning Her Alter Ego and Fans to Go Crazy!



I’m sure an explanation is required to even move forward with this, right? Yeah. I thought so. Okay, so a while back some fans found a photo rolling around the interwebs of a message that said something along the lines of “don’t smoke weed or you’ll wind up dead like Becky” with a photo clearly of Taylor Swift attached. So, naturally someone went to correct the person and inform her that the photo was was actually Taylor Swift. To which that person replied “No, it’s Becky” Okay, that is a key phrase so remember it. Fans had a hay day with this on Tumblr and had many “inside” jokes over it being Taylor’s “bad girl alter ego.” And because Taylor wasn’t on Tumblr a whole lot, the “inside” jokes never really took flight.

Now, let’s flash forward to 2014 and the fact Ms. Swift is now a certified active Tumblr user. ¬†Yup, you guessed it…Taylor uncovered these jokes. And instead of being a total buzzkill and not acknowledging it or letting it die, Taylor did what every other global superstar/fashionista would do….she had a shirt made with that key phrase, “No, it’s Becky” and wore it out…knowing full and well the photos would make their way to into the hands of her fans. So…like clockwork, the fans started seeing it and are loving it!

This proves two things: 1) No one can make fun of herself like Taylor Swift and 2) She is honestly so in tune with her fans and their wants on a level that is mind blowing.

So without further adieu I give you Taylor Swift…or wait, is it Becky?!

Until next time, this lid is closed-CM Chatterbox

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