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Born and raised in Alabama, Steven Padilla didn’t always know that music was his future. In fact, this star athlete spent many of his formative years on baseball, football, and soccer fields with the dream of pursuing sports. It wasn’t until Steven turned fourteen that he picked up a guitar and his playbook was thrown out the window. At first, Steven had to hide his love and passion for music from his family because his father didn’t want him to forego athletics to follow the road his newfound talent would take him down. In fact, he even had to sneak over to his neighbor’s house and use a borrowed guitar to practice music and explore this path.

At sixteen, Steven took his music to a stage for the first time during a singer/songwriter night, and he never looked back again. From that point, Steven began playing at parties and small events. Despite receiving a football scholarship at University of North Alabama, Steven realized his heart was no longer on the field and he was completely invested in his music. Within one month of attending college, he left the classroom behind to enter the workforce and push further toward his musical dreams.

While working a blue collar job, Steven played happy hour gigs and, eventually, put together a band. It wasn’t long before he quit his job and was opening for popular acts, such as Montgomery Gentry, James Otto, and Brantley Gilbert. Steven transformed his life into that of a musician’s and spent six nights of the week gigging, playing at bars, honky-tonks, and in college towns. At that point, he didn’t realize that he could make a real career out of music, but, once he met his wife, his outlook substantially changed. Amanda, a woman who submerges herself in her work and focuses on excelling at whatever she attempts, inspired Steven to hunker down and put his all into building a career doing what he loves. Soon thereafter, Steven had created a catalog of approximately thirty original songs and was ready to hit the studio to record a full-length album.

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The product of Steven’s studio recording sessions is a diverse album, entitled Good at Goodbye, that contains “straight up country,” as well as some experimental, “fun” songs that tell stories. Steven summarizes his album as “a great mix between traditional and modern country.” He also describes the project as “real” and explains that it “is about me, about my life . . . and I hope people can get to know me through my album. I want them to walk away feeling like they know me as a person and they feel like they have a new friend.”

Steven holds each and every one of his songs on this album near and dear, as he wrote all eleven tracks, which he affectionately calls “kids of mine.” However, the title track “Good at Goodbye,” stands out to him as a personal favorite because of the subject matter of the song. “Good at Goodbye” was born when Steven’s father insisted that he write a song about his elderly neighbor who had been a part of his life since childhood. Steven spent December and January carefully crafting this song about the man next door who held a special place in his heart. Two weeks following the completion of the song, the man passed away, never having the opportunity to hear Steven’s dedication to him. While Steven never intended to include “Good at Goodbye” on his album, his producer heard the track and immediately said they needed to record the song and put it on the album. In whirlwind fashion, Steven booked studio time, was able to gather his bandmates, and spent three hours in a Nashville studio to cut the title track with only a couple of weeks until the album’s finalization.

Good at Goodbye will be released on May 13th on Steven’s website (digital, CD, and vinyl), Amazon, iTunes, and will be heard on Internet radio stations and providers. And Steven, who refuses to waste any time whatsoever, is already working on his next album.

“I’m a real songwriter. . . . I don’t care if people think it’s unrealistic. I’m looking at ten albums; an album a year. . . . I am just going to keep on truckin’. . . . Fans can expect a long run of my music for a long time. I’m not going to just cut an album and go away.”

But, before Steven heads back into the studio to record the next batch of songs he has already written, he is hitting the road to promote Good at Goodbye in select cities in Alabama and Nashville.

With his undeniable talent and drive, the support of his loving wife, the joy his newborn daughter has brought him, his father’s eventual excitement about the route his son ultimately chose to take, and his faith in God, Steven Padilla is well on his way to a successful career in country music.

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