Student Chorus Sings @GarthBrooks #PeopleLovingPeople (Watch!)

If Garth Brooks’ first studio single since 2007, “People Loving People,” didn’t move you before, it will now. A song that is built around a beautiful message of embracing one another in hope of finding peace on Earth, it has globally touched lives and inspired the human race.

The song’s power and importance is made evident by Public School 22 (“PS22”) in Staten Island, New York, where elementary school-aged children who comprise a chorus came together and covered “People Loving People.” With chorus director, Gregg Breinberg on guitar, the group of talented children enthusiastically and emotionally sang the words of Garth’s single that marked his reemergence, all the while performing choreographed hand gestures to accompany the lyrics.

The video is incredibly touching, as it shows a younger generation performing a song, but doing so in a way that depicts their honest and heartfelt delivery of the words, proving they understand the meaning of the message and hold it dear. Kudos to the students, parents, and Mr. Breinberg on recognizing the impact that “People Loving People”¬†could have on society and honoring it in the way Garth always intended.

Watch PS22’s chorus perform “People Loving People”

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