The Swon Brothers

I don’t know what you are doing “Later On,” but what you should be doing right now is catching up with two of country music’s most talented and endearing brothers, who just also happen to be the duo The Swon Brothers. In fact, I truly “Pray For You” that you take the time to brush up on all Swonsational things, because the Brothers Swon are about as amazing as they get. Still not convinced? Read on.

We had previously gotten to know The Swon Brothers, Zach and Colton, better during a “Twangout” (or “Swangout” when the Swontourage gets involved), which is a Country Music #CMchat term for a video interview. We twanged out, discussed their brand new album, laughed … a lot … and left feeling more connected to the dynamic duo than ever before.

So, of course, when we found out they were hitting the road with none other than Mr. Brad Paisley, we immediately wanted to support them as much as possible. Besides making sure we all get to a Swoncert at some point, we knew that a Twitterview would go a long way — especially for an act that has such engaged fans.

Zach and Colton took a break from the Country Nation World Tour to sit down with Jessica Northey, the #CMchat Country Cadre, and the #CMchat community to share some incredibly important information, such as who decides which brother gets to respond on Twitter…

And who has more back hair…

They also got serious (but not for too long) as they discussed what they love most about meeting their fans…

See what I meant at the beginning of this wrap-up? These two are irresistibly incredible and warrant a good recap to show how worthy they are of all the good that is coming their way. If you are looking for a belly laugh and some insight into one of country music’s hottest sibling duos, keep reading, because a mere summary will do The Swon Brothers no justice.

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