New Swon Brothers Single ‘Don’t Call Me’ Shows Duo’s Vulnerable Side

The Swon Brothers are back with new music and they are proudly saying it’s their most authentic album to date. The brothers put out their Timeless EP one year ago, and then spent most of 2016 traveling around the country as the opening act for Carrie Underwood on The Storyteller Tour. After trying out a lot of new music on the road, they got back in the studio and the result is a six song EP called Pretty Cool Scars, due to release in March. The first single off that EP, “Don’t Call Me,” was written by Jordan Reynolds and Robyn Collin and digs into a different, more vulnerable side of the brothers.

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The first thing I noticed about the song is that younger brother Colton Swon took the lead vocals for the first time. It’s a welcome change from their previous work, but I don’t expect it to be the norm for the rest of the EP’s songs.

“It’s a song we can all relate to. It’s about finally getting to a point where you get over the things you need to get over, and you can move on with your life.” – Colton Swon

They sing about the strain that an on-and-off relationship can bring, especially when one person wants more than the other. With lines like “Why’d you let me pay the band to play our song again? Why’d you let me kiss your lips? Let me think I had a chance,” you can hear the heartache in Colton’s voice where he just wants to be done, but she just keeps coming back around. In this song, The Swons show a sensitivity about relationships and break ups that isn’t often seen in male country music singers.

Older brother Zach Swon joins in on the chorus singing “Don’t call me cuz we’ve been here before. Don’t want me if you don’t want something more.” But the part that really gets me is when the melody of the chorus changes just slightly and the harmonies blend perfectly together as they sing “If you’re gonna go then go. Don’t let my phone light up. I know you know I ain’t strong enough to keep myself from fallin’. Don’t call me.” At that point your heart breaks, either because you’ve been there too, or because you really feel for this guy who can’t seem to get off this emotional roller coaster.

Throughout the song, you hear the perfect harmonies The Swon Brothers are known for and the stand-out guitar solo that plays well in live performances. Additionally, there are some modern produced elements, like when the words “don’t call me” are made to sound like someone on the other end of the phone. “Don’t Call Me” is a story of heartbreak and moving on that I feel will resonate with a lot of country music listeners.

Author: Shannon Herrold

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