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Monday night (January 19th) Country Music #CMchat Twitterview guests, The Swon Brothers, have been endlessly teasing fans about a big announcement on the horizon. Effecting a social media-based countdown, Zach and Colton kept their “swonsational” fans on pins and needles awaiting what was to come.

Toward the end of the day today, Wednesday, January 14th, The Swon Brothers released their new lyric video for currently rising single “Pray For You” off their debut album. The song is a mid-tempo track of faith, belonging, and unity that serves more than a purpose of entertaining fans. Apart from being a song with a catchy melody and gorgeously harmonious vocals, the lyrics provide listeners with the sense of support and the feeling that they aren’t alone.

Whether it is The Swon Brothers themselves that may be saying that little prayer for a friend in need; whether there is someone in your life you know is sending an extra thought up above on your behalf; whether you are doing the same for someone else, the bottom line is that we can all relate to what Zach and Colton are singing. If you are having a lonely moment or stuck in the mindset that things will never look up, a quick listen to the Swons’ new release can help to shed some light on your dreary days.

Accompanying the single is the new lyric video that the siblings Swon teased and released. The verses of the song are cutely and cleverly acted out through the use of colors and simple graphics, while the chorus explodes into a pseudo official music video. During the chorus, The Swon Brothers are in an acoustic performance setting, crooning the lyrics to the emotional piece that promises a prayer to count on at times of adversity.

Since the release of The Swon Brothers’ “Pray For You,” I, personally, have sought relief and serenity through the words and soothing nature of this track. If you need an eye-opener and the realization that someone, somewhere is in your court and won’t let you fall, this is the song for you. We all could use that reassurance sometimes.

Watch The Swon Brothers’ “Pray For You” lyric video

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