Yikes! @TaylorSwift13 Gets Hacked & Reacts Like Taylor Swift

99% of the time, I’d kill to be Taylor Swift. She’s mega-rich, mega-talented and just all around mega-cool, but in today’s episode of “Stars, They’re Just Like Us,” it’s not the best day to be T.Swift. Apparently, some poor fools thought it’d be cool to hack into Tay-Tay’s social media and post a whole lot of dumb nonsense.

Although the tweets and Instagram posts have since been deleted and all’s that remains are inspirational quotes, photos of Taylor’s belly button and cats, it seems that some old guy sitting in a basement who goes by the handle @Lizzard is behind it. Ah, we’ll assume he’s so much cooler online.



They also got to her Instagram, interrupting a regularly scheduled stream of kittens and famous friends.



Fear not, however. We here at #CMChat can assure you that Taylor is certainly not sitting around like this:


Instead, she did what every rational person would do and took to her unhacked Tumblr account to alert fans that things in her world were going to be a-okay.


Sigh Taylor, that’ll teach you. It’s time to change your password from Harry4Eva. He may have had style, but you knew he was trouble when he walked in. We know you’ll shake it off, and it’s time to consider that little password box your most important blank space.

Author: Country Cadre

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