Taylor Swift helps a fan Shake Off student debt by paying off her loan…

Once again Taylor Swift has taken her relationship with her fans up to a whole new level. A level that really was completely untouched and out of reach…that is…until now.

Taylor has continued her gift giving ways and is spreading some early Valentine’s Day love to her “Swifties” and one fan in particular, Rebekah Bortnicker, received a little some extra in addition to her other gifts. A check from Taylor to the tune of $1,989. ¬†Pretty clever amount, Swift.

Taylor accompanied the note saying she hopes that will help take care of the student loan debt.

I mean…I’m honestly speechless. The gesture is the most genius form of marketing I’ve ever heard of. But more than that…it’s the most beautiful and thoughtful act of kindness you could give back to a fan. Now if you’ll excuse me…I feel the need to go do something nice for someone.

Author: Country Cadre

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