Taylor Swift Proves the Power of Social Media

With a single tweet, Taylor Swift proved to the world just how powerful social media truly is.

Independent artist, Louisa Wendorff released her debut EP Arrow in June of 2014. The six-track album falls into the contemporary/adult contemporary genre, but remained a hidden treasure until a certain music superstar shared her public support for the project.

In December, Louisa, along with friend Devin Dawson, performed a mashup of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Style,” grabbing the attention of the 1989 singer/songwriter, and receiving a retweet from the genius behind the music. With one simple word, “OBSESSED,” Taylor changed Louisa Wendorff’s life.

As you can see, the tweet garnered nearly 18,000 retweets, and those retweeters apparently dug a little deeper to listen to more music from Louisa. The video has been viewed over nine million times and the tweet from Taylor helped Arrow climb to Number 1 on the Heartseekers Albums chart for the first time in Louisa’s career. Her latest single also rose to Number 2 on the singer/songwriter chart on iTunes.

Louisa certainly didn’t expect the outpouring of support upon conceptualizing the project, which was deemed a “passion project.”

It came together naturally and easily. Devin’s an awesome friend. He’s a musical genius with writing, singing and everything. I love working with him, and had pulled him in on a previous video we did.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think. You can also download Louisa Wendorff’s album below.

The moral of the story: Social media works. Still don’t believe us? Look at our very own Jessica Northey.

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