The Wrath of @TaylorSwift13

Taylor Swift takes her fans very seriously. She’s inviting them into her houses, buying them presents, and now she’s even going up to bat for them.

When a Taylor Swift fan, or “Swifties” as they are called, was anonymously bullied on Tumblr with someone calling her ugly, Tay Tay got in super mom defense mode and took it upon herself to reply. And the reply was simple, short AND effective.

Check out Taylor’s reply here.

C’mon … the fact Taylor noticed that was going on and went the extra mile to shut down the hate; can we just freakin’ applaud her as a human being? Way to set an example! She also called the young fan “the cutest human being ever,” and we totally agree.

Keep on being awesome Taylor. Someone has to in today’s world.

Author: Country Cadre

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