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The Farm, a country music trio comprised of Nick Hoffman, Damien Horne, and Krista Marie, released its new single “Mud” to iTunes and Sirius XM The Highway today, September 22nd. Not only are the members of The Farm celebrating this momentous occasion, but the team here at Country Music #CMchat is elated as well. Talk about an immense amount of talent that should be recognized, and “Mud” is further substantiation of that statement.

Dust, dirt, red dirt, dirt roads – they have all been the subjects of recent country music hits. Following suit, but putting a special twist on its ode to the earthy matter, The Farm has made something typically undesirable somewhat sexy, suggesting that a “good ole boy and a country girl” fall in love and “get covered in mud.”

“Mud” is an upbeat song that focuses on a couple straddling the line between lust and love. Insinuating that the ideal outing would be turning off the road, driving down the beaten, unpaved path, and looking for a place to get lost — locationally and romantically — The Farm trio sings of getting dirty, literally and figuratively. In a stanza containing the perfect amount of double entendre, the lyrics in the chorus go:

Kick up a little mud. Full throttle, baby, you and me in the middle of nowhere, takin’ it somewhere, gettin’ in and gettin’ in deep. I’m talkin’ ’bout us; a little bit of wild and free. Ain’t nothin’ like a good ole boy and a country girl fallin’ in love. Let’s get covered in mud.

As always, the vocals of Nick, Damien, and Krista blend together effortlessly and seamlessly, creating some of the most beautiful harmonies you will hear in country music. Add in the instrumentation provided by these three musical geniuses and it’s a wonder they are not atop the nominations for Group of the Year for all award shows.

Check out “Mud” by downloading it on iTunes using the banner below, and leave us a comment to let us know what you think of The Farm’s newest release.

The Farm

 And watch this throwback video for “Home Sweet Home”:

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