[email protected] Shines on Cover of @BrunoMars’ #WhenIWasYourMan (Watch!)

When you think Thomas Rhett, you likely think that you just “gotta get [you] some of that.” Not only is he insanely well-bred and talented, he is a kindhearted soul to boot. Perhaps you also automatically find yourself thinking about shaking your moneymaker to the tune of his music; and we fully support that. In fact, Thomas, you “make me wanna” do the same.

However, you have never seen Thomas Rhett like you will see him here, channeling a more emotionally driven side, tapping into every inch of his vocal range, and covering a singer who is unparalleled — until now. Bruno Mars is the artist of whom I speak, and the song is the gorgeous hit, “When I Was Your Man.”

A video emerged today, showing Thomas performing the song, following the news that he would also be covering Bruno Mars on the Florida Georgia Line Anything Goes Tour. While Thomas is going to show off some of his “Uptown Funk” while on the road with the dynamic duo, the buzz of his setlist resulted in the release of this video from the holidays.

The day before Christmas vacation, Thomas and bandmate Josh Reedy recorded an acoustic version of “When I Was Your Man” in a single take. The video below shows the pair’s recording process, along with footage of Thomas spending time with his wife, Laura.

We rehearsed it a lot on the road. After soundcheck, I’d sit there with Josh and we’d play it over and over, with Josh playing keys and me singing. We’d work on the phrasing, the breathing, the notes, the key… I think we had to lower it, like, five keys before I could sing the song, because Bruno sings so high.

This is a cover you do not want to miss!

Watch Thomas Rhett’s cover of “When I Was Your Man”

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