Single Review: Thompson Square – You Make It Look So Good

Maybe it’s their unique personalities or maybe it’s the fact that they’re married, but some artists just work seamlessly together. Whether they’re recording a new single or performing it live for the first time and hoping for the best, Shawna and Keifer Thompson always deliver 100 percent. Well-known to adoring fans across the world, Thompson Square released their new single “You Make It Look So Good” on May 20th. I think it’s another home run for one of country music’s most genuine and best sounding duos.

This song is sweet and romantic and follows a slower tempo as most heartfelt songs tend to do, but it really builds during the chorus to drive home the main message of the lyrics. One line that really stood out to me and I think a lot of fans will connect with says, “I never thought I’d let anyone ever get close enough to make me fall in love…but you make it look so good.”

Aside from the actual lyrics of the song, the organization of the duo’s voices and how they sound interacting with each other is nearly flawless. Keifer sings most of the first verse himself and we hear the first of Shawna closer to the first chorus. She then sings alone for the next verse until Keifer joins her at “love was never really on my list, baby now you’re showing me what I missed.” Working their way through the song together, near the end we hear more of a free style sound with Shawna’s pure vocals holding some longer notes and Keifer’s voice displaying some of the rougher tones that compliment his wife so well.

If this song is any indication of what the future holds for Thompson Square, I think we’re in for some amazing new music folks.

“You Make It Look So Good” impacts country radio on June 13th but you can buy it now on iTunes and stream it on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and more!  Tweet me @KCarib and let me know what you think!

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