Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Release Single We’ve All Been Waiting For

This year was already looking good for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with the highly anticipated Soul2Soul Tour. Now fans will be getting a bit more of the popular country power couple as they just dropped their latest single “Speak to a Girl,” a ballad that balances both of their vocal strengths. Hopefully, this isn’t their only duet for the new tour!

Faith Hill starts off “Speak to a Girl” and I realized how much I’ve missed her. It’s a soft start and Faith Hill starts to sing and the truth pours out, describing what women want from their partner.

“She just want a friend to be there
When she opens her eyes in the morning
She wants you to say what you mean and mean everything that you’re saying”

Her voice is accompanied from quite cymbal hits. The beat starts right before Tim McGraw comes in. You start feeling the words they’re singing. But it isn’t until they join together that you realize how incredible this song is — and you never want it to end. Faith Hill hits the high notes and the beat dims out as she continues by herself. The strong beat doesn’t come back in until Tim McGraw starts again.

“She don’t give a damn ’bout your pride or the lies that you’re hiding behind
She just want to feel that you’re real
That she’s near to the man that’s inside”

The drum beat and these two make up the entire song. It’ll make you jam, but also really think about each word. These two are perfect for each other in every way¬†possible, but they’re even better than perfect on this song. The chemistry they have is unlike anything you’ll hear this year.

This song was more than I was expecting even from the ultimate power couple. “Speak To A Girl” will be on my repeat list for a long time.

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