Tim McGraw’s football passion knows no boundaries…

It’s not really a secret that Tim McGraw is a football fanatic. So you better believe that this time of year, Tim is glued to the TV watching as much football as possible. And it doesn’t even matter what league or type of football. His love for the sport covers professional, college and even high school football. In fact, Tim is a regular at Ensworth High School’s football games in Nashville.

Tim says, “You know, our daughter’s a cheerleader — Maggie. So, we try to make all the games. We rarely miss one, although I had to miss a few because I’m working.”

And as if watching the games wasn’t enough, when Tim isn’t watching football, he’s usually watching football coverage.

He says, “Now if I’m gonna watch anything about what happened in football that I missed, I’m certainly gonna have it on ESPN.”

Sounds to me like Tim is like every other All-American dude out there right now. As long as it doesn’t affect his music then by all means…have at it.

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