Yet Another Reason to Say @TheTimMcGraw is a #RealGoodMan

In the often overwhelming world of celebrities we forget that they have normal responsibilities. And it doesn’t get much more normal than this. Country music superstar Tim McGraw is planning on taking some time off while his daughter Gracie prepares to get ready to graduate high school and leave for college in the Fall. He wants to assure he can spend time with her and help her with all those little tasks that come with growing up. He told Country Countdown USA:

“Well, there’s a lot going on. It’s Gracie’s senior year in high school, it’s her last few months at home. We have a lot of colleges to visit, she hasn’t picked one yet. She’s got a pretty good idea, but she’s got a couple she wants to see first. I want her to get out from under our umbrella, and find herself. I want her to go wherever she wants, and experience life”

Warning: reading that while listening to Tim’s song, “My Little Girl” will result in tears. And lots of them.

But for those Tim fans that are having a heart attack because they can’t get over the fact he’s taking a break…don’t worry too much. Tim said he isn’t taking an overly extended leave of absence and hopes to be back on track for the summer months.

Watch Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” Video

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