Did You Know @TrentTomlinson Wants You to #ComeBackToBed?

Country rock artist, Trent Tomlinson, has seen several of his singles break into the top 40, but it’s been years since Tomlinson has released a song of his own. In fact, since 2011, Tomlinson has been somewhat silent, other than co-writing credits on Parmalee‘s song “Close Your Eyes.” However, now is the time that Tomlinson has chosen to make his return, and he is doing so with a song that has “chart topper” written all over it.

Tomlinson recently released “Come Back to Bed,” a song about a man who takes one look at his significant other in the morning and can’t imagine doing anything else with his day, other than urging her to join him right back in their bed. As Tomlinson’s girlfriend/wife steps out of the shower and begins to get dressed, he insists that she stop, reconsider, and climb between the sheets with him instead. In an effort to convince her that she should immediately change her plans, Tomlinson implies that he has unfinished business with her that cannot wait any longer.

The chorus to this catchy and inviting song simply begs “come back, come back, come back to bed; don’t you even think about getting dressed. I ain’t done loving you yet, baby come back to bed.” The combination of Tomlinson’s gritty, seductive vocals and the memorable lyrics is a recipe for success, as this is a track that leaves ladies wishing their men would greet them similarly in the morning and that will stick in their minds long after the song ends. Men, take a page out of Tomlinson’s book … if you want your women to play hooky from work, entice them with some sexy vocals and provocative lyrics about dedicating the day to kissing all those possibly missed inches (and it doesn’t hurt to complete slay it on the guitar either)!

Check out Trent Tomlinson’s new single, “Come Back to Bed” below and order it today on iTunes!

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Trent Tomlinson Come Back to Bed

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