Fall In Love With Tyler Barham’s New EP, History

It’s a more trudging road to obtain radio play as an Independent Artist, but Montana native, Tyler Barham, has already begun to accomplish it as his catchy single, “More Than A Cotton Dress” became an On The Horizon pick on Sirius XM The Highway, and is also currently being played in Walmart stores nationwide. In late May, he came back for more with the release of his latest EP, History, which boasts continued radio single potential. Produced by David Flint, with Barham’s name inked on every track, History is a six-song collection displaying a general theme of love; both blossoming and lost.

Track Listing

“I Want To Find Out”

This is an upbeat love song about wanting to know all about a new love interest. It comes alive with traditional country sounds, while the vocals are less twangy and more contemporary.

“Outrun The Radio”

Immediately, the slow moving tempo indicates feelings of sadness, which is quickly related to a breakup. The lyrics divulge how he used to play her every love song he could think of, and this is kind of like playing her his broken heart in a forlorn love song. She might be able to skedaddle away from him in person, but she can’t outrun the radio and that will always be his cry out to her.

“No End Weekend”

With an acoustic sound, this song makes you feel like you’re on an island. Appropriately so, as lyrically it’s about your lover being your escape, just like a private island vacation. It’s bubbly, fun, and has radio single potential.


The title track features the delicate vocals of fellow YouTube star and pop artist, Megan Davies. It has an upbeat tempo, but the lyrics are light, slow, and meaningful. It expresses that the guy is still hung up on memories, like his first kiss with his ex, not fully understanding of how they got to this point where all that’s left is history.


This is a doting-over-your-lover song with clever comparisons about her putting on her makeup, and “making up” a scenario. It has sweet lyrics like, “there’s nothing you can do to cover up the girl I love” and it dances around to an up-tempo country beat.

“Don’t Need To Know”

Strong, crisp vocals accompany this piano-heavy ballad of a guy envisioning what his ex is doing without him, realizing that there are some things that he doesn’t really need to know – like her moving on with a new guy.

In the past few years, Barham’s list of accomplishments include hitting #19 all-genre on Billboard’s Heatseeker Album Chart, to landing in the Top 5 of the NashNext Contest, to winning nationally syndicated Radio Lia’s Your Big Break contest and History proves that he’s not ready to slow down anytime soon. You can purchase his EP below, or listen on Spotify. Be sure to get connected with Tyler Barham on his website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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