Tyler Filmore

A country music foundation with a little rock, pop and rap built inside is what gets you Tyler Filmore. With country music opening up its doors to anyone with a unique sound, this up and coming singer/songwriter may be coming around at the right time.

It was after graduating from the University of Missouri that Tyler took his dream  of playing and creating music and moved to Nashville. In 2012, Tyler was sponsored by Chevrolet and represented St. Loius in the nationwide Chevy Music Showcase. His band also represented Nashville, placing Top 10 in the nation in the Bud Light Battle of the Bands that same year.

Check out his music video for “Tattoos and Corn” below:

And just to show you that Tyler isn’t a one trick pony and sounds just as good live as he does on his album, here he is performing his song “Honeymoon“:

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