6 Underrated Country Songs you Have to Hear (If You Haven’t Already)

We all know the headliners today, most I could name by their first name alone and you would know exactly what I’m talking about: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt, and Miranda Lambert. The list goes on and on, but one of the privileges and blessings I have, because I write for CMChat, is that it’s our job to bring you songs and artists you would love just as much but might not have been lucky enough to find on your own. Songs have a way of uplifting, inspiring and understanding us at times when no Pinterest quote or motivational speeches from your best friend are enough. Here are some songs you might not have heard of yet that I really have grown to love and am so glad to have them in my music library!

Seth Alley: “Things We Don’t Talk About”

My longtime friend and fellow CMChat Writer, Cassie Lynn Wells showed me this song. She has always had a knack for finding the songs no one’s heard of yet that’ll really make you feel something. That’s exactly what Alley does with this song. When this song came to me it was at a time that I really needed it. It discusses how everyone is going through their own battle that we have no idea about. They don’t talk about it because it’s painful. It’s that chapter you don’t read aloud. It covers addiction, war and its effects on soldiers, divorce, etc. He is honest in the fact that we don’t talk about those hot button topics we’d rather talk about sports, the weather, and who’s dating who.

“We’ll talk and we’ll talk about everything in this town except the things we don’t talk about.”

I grew up in a town just like this, and if you didn’t, you know that today with social media, we only show and talk about the parts of our lives that we want to. Vulnerability in this day and age is a rarity, and it’s beautiful, but we would rather not even go there most of the time.


Courtney Cole: “Boys Like You”

While she has written a lot of beautiful songs, this is one I think a lot of people could use in their lives and relate to.

“Still fall for every line let ‘em comeback every time just like mama used to do, boys like you.”

We’ve all seen it and most of us have even felt it ourselves. Growing up I definitely saw both my parents, especially my mom take more crap than she deserved in relationships, friendships etc. and I grew up still in a lot of ways a pushover, but we all do it, we all are weak for certain people, think they’ll do for us what we’d do for them, and it’s not always the case, but this song reminds you you’re not alone. You can know better, and still, mess up, and it’s okay because you learn.


Russell Dickerson: “Yours”

This is definitely a more popular one, but I know a lot of country fans that don’t know it yet or know Russell yet and you should! Unlike the other two on this list, this is more upbeat as far as subject matter. It’s about finding someone you can be the best version of yourself with.

“The best me has his arms around you. You make better than I was before, thank God I’m yours.”

His album hasn’t been released yet, but he’s pre-released other tracks as well, “MGNO“(My Girl’s Night Out) and “Blue Tacoma” are also two very happy-driving-in-the-car hits, but “Yours” is for sure the song I had on for a week straight and didn’t turn off, just because it made me feel happy at a time I really just needed a happy song. I know once his album is released he’s going to be an even bigger success!


Lennon & Maisy (and the Nashville cast) “A Life That’s Good, Heart On Fire, Sanctuary”

I had to change this list from five to six just because of these songs. I started the Nashville series last year and just recently started over and finished it up to date on Hulu in about a week. While the whole cast is extremely talented, Lennon & Maisy, the main character Rayna James’ daughters and some of their songs are what stand out to me. So I also had to cheat and put 3 songs under one description (whoops).

A Life That’s Good” is important when you need to be reminded there is so much to be thankful for.

Heart On Fire” is a good anthem for when you gotta dust yourself off and go out and conquer the world (or sometimes just a long day).

Sanctuary” is for when you need to be someone’s strength and shoulder to cry on. The whole series thus far and the characters teach us a lot about life and its constant twists and turns, but these songs are something I would listen to without the show, and I think could resonate with a lot of people.


(Side note: Like I said, the whole series so far is on Hulu and it is a 10/10). 

If you know any songs/artists you think haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve or you just want us to hear some of your favorites comment them below. I would love to hear your favorites! 

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