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March has been an awesome month for new music this year. There really is a little something for anyone who calls themselves a fan of country music. One of my personal favorites right now is the new EP from emerging duo Waterloo Revival. Comprised of George Birge and Cody Cooper, this duo has been steadily growing in popularity since the release of their first single “Hit the Road” in February 2015. I had the opportunity to connect with these talented singer-songwriters recently to ask them all about these hot new songs.

What’s the biggest change or lesson you’ve learned in the past year from your first single to your debut EP?

George: Probably just the number of songs we have available to our fans now and how that impacts our shows. Last year we had limited material and we worried people would get tired of playing the same songs over and over (laughs). Now that we have more songs out for people to sing along to, we can see more interaction and more people singing back lyrics.

Cody: With this EP, we can really showcase different sides of ourselves and put our efforts and talent on display more.

New artists are commonly known for having their debut EP self-titled…did that thought cross your mind while you were deciding on a name for yours?

George & Cody: That idea was definitely considered but we really wanted this album to reflect the connection we feel/want to create with our growing fan base. We love meeting fans online and then getting to meet them in person out on the road. We love having a hashtag (#revivers) that connects fans online in one big community to share our music. In essence, we are trying to give them a “Front Row” experience to our musical lives so that’s where the name came from.

Can you describe every song on this EP using only one sentence for each?

George: Ohh, that’s a good one. (laughs) OK, let’s go in the order that they appear on the EP.

“Summer Thing” – An upbeat, feel good song that captures the feeling of summer romance.

Cody: “I Could Get Used To This” – The imagery and emotion of that “first love” feeling.

George: “Damn I Didn’t Give” – Just flat out honest and not knowing what you have until it’s gone.

Cody: “Backwood Bump” – This is our “party coming out of the speakers” song.“Front Row” – Sometimes all you need is a night in to keep the romance alive.

George: “Meet Up in the Middle” – All that nervous energy when you’re waiting on one moment or one kiss from that certain someone.

What has been the most rewarding part of the whole EP process so far?

George: We really enjoyed getting to be so involved in this whole process from the songwriting, to the recording, to the production of the album. We either wrote or co-wrote every song and we were able to pick the musicians and producer who worked on the EP with us. We really wanted this EP to show the depth of our talent as artists and to exist as a complete body of work.

Any specific challenges you had to overcome? For example, narrowing down songs to include, finding a theme between all the songs…

Cody: (laughs) Yes, narrowing down the selection was definitely an interesting process for us. I think we had 200 songs that got narrowed down to 40…then 20…then 10….and we finally ended up with six. We wanted these songs to show a lot of different experiences because they’re all based on our own personal highs and lows in our lives.

So your “party song,” “Backwood Bump,” has to have choreography eventually! Is that something you’re going to create or are the fans taking that on themselves?

George: Well, there is something in the works, but we’re really hoping the fans take this song and get creative with it. If anyone wants to create a dance for this song, we’d love to see it!!

New songs means new tour dates right?!

George: We’re planning to head back out on the road in April and we’re already starting to fill our summer with shows and festivals in different cities. As we add more dates, they will be added to our website so we can keep everyone as up to date as possible!

So, where can fans find this EP if they want to learn all this new music before the summer starts?

Cody: It’s available on every digital outlet we can think of! (laughs) Check out iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.  All of those links can also be found on our website!

Well there you have it! Take a few minutes tonight and get yourself a Front Row seat to this talented duo’s debut EP!

Find me on twitter, @KCarib, and let me know what you think!

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